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Our Investment Philosophy


We believe the best way to accumulate wealth is protect what you have first, and then focus on accumulating more.  It is not by putting all of your chips in the center of the table, thereby risking what you have, in an effort to gain more.  This flawed approach has been how many people have traditionally invested.  In fact, this is how the retail financial services industry is set up.  The vast majority of mutual funds, 401k’s, and other investment products sold to retail investors go up when the market goes up, and down when the market goes down.  Think of driving a car – we push the gas pedal when the road ahead is clear, and we apply the brake when traffic ahead is slowed.  In other words, we respond to the conditions we’re presented with.  Of course nobody would get into a car without a brake pedal, so why do we invest like this?

With this metaphor in mind, we subscribe to an active style of money management as opposed to a passive style that promotes holding the same investment positions regardless of current economic conditions.  One of our primary roles as financial professionals is to identify third party money managers who have exhibited a proven track record of navigating trends in the market and responding accordingly.  While past performance is certainly no guarantee of future results, we believe we have solutions for every type of investor.  We would be happy to share some of these solutions with you in a private consultation, where we can fully explain their risks, fees, and expenses.