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Our Client Process


Our process is centered on building a trust relationship with you – our client.  Before we get into anything about us, we need to deeply understand what is most important to you regarding money.   Once we discover this, we will want to take account of your current financial position and then use analytic software to help illustrate the current course you are on.  We will then educate you on some sound financial fundamentals we believe are vital to long-term financial independence.  Finally, we will walk you through the specific solutions we feel are most appropriate to address your financial goals.

You can expect this process to unfold over the course of at least three separate meetings.  We like to break things up so you have a chance to digest the specific information we cover in each meeting, as well as give you time to develop questions as the meetings progress.  Once you are comfortable with the recommendations we are making, only then will we proceed with the necessary paperwork to implement our recommendations.

Once we have completed this initial process, we encourage our clients to consider it the end of the beginning – rather than the beginning of the end.  Once our strategies are implemented, our ongoing relationship will consist of semi-annual to annual reviews in person, along with various other forms of communication throughout each year.  As your life evolves and changes, we want to stay in-step with you to make sure we are making the proper adjustments when necessary.  We believe the value we deliver to our clients is best measured over time.  In fact, most of our referrals to new clients tend to come from our clients we have served the longest.