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Solutions for Business Owners


Planning for owners of closely held or family operated businesses is unique. For the owners, the business often represents their single largest asset and it takes a unique set of skills and experience to properly plan for these circumstances. We assist our business-owner clients in implementing strategies to protect their most valuable asset and help evaluate these particular needs and concerns.

We address the question of what should happen to the business in the event of death, disability, retirement, or sale. The strategies we implement may provide owners and key employees the ability to maximize liquidity events or smoothly plan for the succession of the business. 

We focus on developing innovative 401k plans for companies of any size.  The 401k regulations have changed greatly in the past few years and we strive to be out in front of these changes.  One way we do this is by providing fully transparent pricing in our plans with no embedded, undisclosed fees that many 401k investors are unaware they pay.  We also design plans with institutional money managers that fit our style of active management.  In an era where most plans are dramatically limiting their fund options and replacing them with passively managed target date funds, we feel it is critical to have funds that help investors manage the risks of investing by having the ability to go to cash in sustained bear markets.

We also assist our business owner clients with benefits such as Key Employee compensation strategies to help attract and retain key employees.  The goals of these benefits are to maximize the compensation strategies for the business owner as well as their key employees, including both qualified and non-qualified plans.